Willie Simmons

Willie Jane Simmons

March 31, 1928 ~ June 06, 2020 | 92

Willie Simmons

I, Miss Willie Jane Simmons was a native of West Palm Beach, Florida, the daughter of the late Elder Eddie “Ed” and Rosebud Smith-Simmons. A family of six children.

My family returned from Florida after 12 years. I had to adjust to the housing condition, cold weather and the one room school. After a while I laced my boots and went on. I finished elementary school from the Lisbon Elementary and High School from Peabody High here in Eastman.

I decided I wanted to further my education. Therefore, I attended Savannah State College. I received a BS Degree in Elementary Education. It was my desire to be able to help my black brothers and sisters. After graduation from college, I began teaching at the Lisbon Elementary School in 1950. Later, I decided I wanted to further my education to be better prepared to teach. I entered the Fort Valley State College Graduate Division. I received a master’s degree in Upper Elementary with a Thesis in Science.

After teaching in Dodge County for several years, the Dodge County Board of Education decided to integrate the schools. This made Dr. King’s dream come true. He had a dream, “that one day black boys and girls will be able to sit down with white boys and girls.” The time came and I was one of the first teachers to go to the white school to teach. This was a new experience that I decided after Mrs. Sarah Bullock came and talked with me. I was a dedicated teacher for 38 years working with both black and white children. They were all nice to me. I retired from Dodge County Middle School in 1988. I came home to take care of my loving, 90year-old Mother after her health failed her. I was happy I was at the point where I could retire and be with her during her most needed years.

I was a member of Bethel Christian Church. I worked in many capacities of the Church and other Churches when called on.

I was given a charge as a Certified Evangelist on April 30, 2000 by the Middle Georgia District Convention Christian Church in Georgia; Disciples of Christ, authorized by the Bethel Christian Church Disciples of Christ. I was also a member of the LOP Club, Retired Teacher Association, Fort Valley Alumni Association, and the Chamber of Commerce. I was a member of the GTA Local, State and National for 38 years, and a member of GT of Dodge County for several years.

I have two daughters that I call mine, Linda A. King a relative I took at the age of 4 and a god-daughter, Gloria Lebreta Smith.

I was living at the family home where I made a dream come true. I bricked the old house, a landmark for the Simmons’ family in Memory of my Father and Mother. Thanks to my black brothers, Mr. Walter L. Gooch and Group, and Mr. Charles Group.

I was happy to have had the opportunity to work with the students of Dodge County. They were respectable students and most of them did good. During the later years when the test scores came back, I was very happy some 6th graders scored as high as 10th or 11th graders in Science. I was happy to see the students in different positions doing good. They always speak and never forget the 6th grade in Miss Simmons’ room.

To the students of today, study, study hard, set your goals, and strive to reach them. Remember, sometimes the biggest fruit is at the top of the tree.

She leaves to cherish her sister, Mrs. Rosebud (Charles) Henley, Cleveland, Ohio, goddaughter, Gloria L. smith, Jacksonville, Florida, devoted nieces, , Shirley Ann Simmons, Eastman, GA, Carolyn Croons, Martinsburg, WV, and a host of nieces, nephews, cousins and friends.

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