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100 years ago Americans handled<br />death at home, while decades of funeral<br />service provider’s efforts to sanitize our<br />experiences with death have trained us to<br />upscale and outsource the process of grief<br />and burial. To compete with the heavily<br />marketed and entrenched funeral and<br />cemetery establishment, Indiana Green Burial<br />is able to make it very easy for clients to<br />choose a service that is now out of the<br />ordinary.<br />Our “Green” or natural funeral service was<br />created to promote choice regarding all<br />aspects of after-death practices including care<br />of the body, casket options, transport of the<br />body and end of life rituals and ceremonies.<br />Our “Green” services are conducted in a<br />manner that focuses on allowing nature to<br />biodegrade human remains.

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