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The Funeral Rule

A funeral can be one of the most expensive and difficult purchases one may ever have to make. Having little to no knowledge of the industry, coupled with the added time pressure and emotional duress a person could easily be fooled and taken advantage of.

Griffin Leggett Forest Hills is required to comply with the "Funeral Rule", or face the possibility of federal trade commission complaints being filed.

The FTC "Funeral Rule" was enacted in 1984 and is designed to ensure that all funeral homes including Griffin Leggett Forest Hills provide consumers adequate information with regards to the products and services they are charged for, including obtaining price information on the telephone.

As part of the "Funeral Rule", Griffin Leggett Forest Hills will provide anyone who asks with a General Price List (GPL) that includes but not limited to, the expenses of funeral service items such as transportation to the cemetery near or around Pulaski county, and viewing or visitation services.

A general price list is available free of charge to any person who inquires in person at Griffin Leggett Forest Hills 10201 Highway 5 N Little Rock, Arkansas about funeral arrangements, regardless of their intent to purchase funeral services or not.

Griffin Leggett Forest Hills on 10201 Highway 5 N Little Rock, Arkansas

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