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Recent Obituaries posted by Nardolillo Funeral Home

Suzanne Ceruto Obituary from Nardolillo Funeral Home
Suzanne Ceruto

Suzanne was born on October 6 1962 in Warwick Rhode Island. She is survived by her loving children Joel Ceruto and Stephanie Kavanagh. Her son in law ...

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Julia Duarte Obituary from Nardolillo Funeral Home
Julia Duarte

Julia Rose Duarte was born and passed away on Tuesday February 27 2024 surrounded by her loving parents James and Jessica DelFarno Duarte at Women and...

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Ann Marie Lepizzera Obituary from Nardolillo Funeral Home
Ann Marie Lepizzera

Ann Marie was a clerk for the Providence Gas Company for many years before retiring. She was the dear sister of Michael Lepizzera and his wife Lorrain...

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Claire Lane Obituary from Nardolillo Funeral Home
Claire Lane

89 formerly of Cranston and Cape Cod passed away peacefully surrounded by family on Wednesday February 28 2024. She was the beloved wife of the late H...

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Lisa Caliri Obituary from Nardolillo Funeral Home
Lisa Caliri

Lisa M. Caliri 57 of Massachusetts Ave. Warwick passed away on Wednesday February 28 2024 at HopeHealth Hospice in Providence. Born in Providence she ...

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Margaret Deraimo Obituary from Nardolillo Funeral Home
Margaret Deraimo

Margaret A. Gazzerro DeRaimo 99 of Madison Ave. Cranston passed away peacefully at home surrounded by her loving family on Tuesday February 27 2024. S...

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Bette Didonato Obituary from Nardolillo Funeral Home
Bette Didonato

This is not about my passing on to the next life it is about celebrating the amazing life that I lived and shared with so many wonderful people. I am ...

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James Tarmey Obituary from Nardolillo Funeral Home
James Tarmey

87 of Cranston died peacefully at home surrounded by his family on February 24 2024 after a year and a half battle with acute myeloid leukemia. He was...

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Jose Fernandez Obituary from Nardolillo Funeral Home
Jose Fernandez

90 of Providence passed away peacefully surrounded by his loving family on Sunday February 25 2024. He was the beloved husband of Dominicana Nova Fern...

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Patricia LazzareschiBurnett Obituary from Nardolillo Funeral Home
Patricia LazzareschiBurnett

72 of Warwick passed away on Sunday February 25 2024 at Kent Hospital Warwick. She was the beloved wife of John Burnett. Born in Providence she was th...

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Joseph Previte Obituary from Nardolillo Funeral Home
Joseph Previte

87 of Narragansett and Ft. Myers FL passed away peacefully on Saturday February 24 2024. He was the beloved husband of Carol Graves Previte. Born in S...

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Irene Perrotti Obituary from Nardolillo Funeral Home
Irene Perrotti

103 of Greenville passed away Thursday February 22 2024 at Stillwater Nursing Home surrounded by her loving family. She was the wife of the late Guido...

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Understanding Funeral Prices at Nardolillo Funeral Home
Your Consumer Rights and Available Information

Arranging a funeral can be both emotionally challenging and financially burdensome. Many people have little knowledge about the funeral industry, and in such difficult times, they may be vulnerable to being deceived or taken advantage of.

To protect consumers, Nardolillo Funeral Home is obligated to follow the guidelines outlined in the "Funeral Rule". Failure to comply with this rule could result in complaints being filed against the funeral home by the Federal Trade Commission.

The "Funeral Rule" was established in 1984 to ensure that all funeral homes, including Nardolillo Funeral Home, provide customers with clear and accurate information about the products and services they offer. This includes providing price details over the phone upon request.

As part of the "Funeral Rule," Nardolillo Funeral Home is required to offer a General Price List (GPL) to anyone who asks for it. This list includes various expenses related to funeral services, such as transportation to the cemetery in or around Providence County, as well as costs for viewing or visitation services.

Anyone who visits Nardolillo Funeral Home at 1278 Park Avenue in Cranston, RI and asks about funeral arrangements is entitled to receive a free copy of the general price list. This applies to all individuals, regardless of whether they intend to purchase funeral services or not.

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