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Partnering with esteemed flower specialists, we present an expansive range of funeral flowers to commemorate your cherished ones. Our dedicated florists craft unique arrangements tailored to your preferences, in diverse styles and hues.

Every flower tells a story, and we recognize the profound importance of this gesture. Trust us to make your floral tribute both touching and memorable.

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Recent Obituaries posted by McFarland Funeral Companies

Mary Lou Davis Obituary from McFarland Funeral Companies
Mary Lou Davis

She lived a good life in the Raevile Home with friends and caretakers who loved her. She was at the home for 23 years in Royville Monroe Louisiana. Sh...

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Ricky Benard Wiley Obituary from McFarland Funeral Companies
Ricky Benard Wiley

Ricky Benard Wiley was born on December 4 1960 in Columbia Louisiana to the union of Katie and Caesar Wiley Sr. He was the youngest of eleven children...

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Josiah Carter Walker Obituary from McFarland Funeral Companies
Josiah Carter Walker

Josiah Walker was born on February 3 2021 in Monroe Louisiana in Joe Carter Lowery III and Markesha Yvette Walker.

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Read Josiah Carter Walker's Obituary

Marvin Marbles Obituary from McFarland Funeral Companies
Marvin Marbles

Marvin Marbles was born on Tuesday June 20 1950 in Battlecreek Michigan. After birth Marvin then came to West Monroe Louisiana to live with his grandp...

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Dominic "Dome" Dickens Obituary from McFarland Funeral Companies
Dominic "Dome" Dickens

Dominic Dean was born on April 28 2000 to Yolanda Grant and the late Dominic Dean. He attended Wossman high school. He was known as a local rapper Gli...

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Linda Faye Shaw Obituary from McFarland Funeral Companies
Linda Faye Shaw

Peace I leave with you my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your heart be troubled and do not be afraid. On Septem...

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Karl Stringfellow Obituary from McFarland Funeral Companies
Karl Stringfellow

Mr. Karl Dexter Stringfellow 64 of Monroe LA passed on Friday April 12 2024. Karl was born September 30 1959 in Monroe Louisiana to the late Dorris St...

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Edna Thompson Obituary from McFarland Funeral Companies
Edna Thompson

Edna accepted Christ at a very young age. She graduated from Thomastown High School in 1957 where she played basketball. She later met Cary Anderson a...

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Gloria Grant Obituary from McFarland Funeral Companies
Gloria Grant

Sister Gloria Lee Grant was born on February 4 1939 in Collins Mississippi to Genola Jones and Curtis Wheeler. She departed this life on April 8 2024 ...

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Pearlie "Mae" Singleton Obituary from McFarland Funeral Companies
Pearlie "Mae" Singleton

Pearlie Ann Singleton was born on January 23 1955 in Newelton Louisiana to the late Ruby Lee Singleton and LeRoy Singleton Sr. After the passing of he...

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Teresa Shandell Wilson Obituary from McFarland Funeral Companies
Teresa Shandell Wilson

Teresa Shandell Wilson better known as Shun was born on January 24 1970 to the late Aaron Martin and Patricia Ann Wilson both of Monroe LA. Shandell S...

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Patricia Ann Humphis Obituary from McFarland Funeral Companies
Patricia Ann Humphis

Ms. Patricia Ann Humphis affectionately known as Pat was born March 19 1950 at the E.A Conway Hospital in Monroe Louisiana to Mr. Calvin Jones Sr. and...

Read Patricia Ann Humphis's complete obituary here:
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Understanding Funeral Prices at McFarland Funeral Companies
Your Consumer Rights and Available Information

Arranging a funeral can be both emotionally challenging and financially burdensome. Many people have little knowledge about the funeral industry, and in such difficult times, they may be vulnerable to being deceived or taken advantage of.

To protect consumers, McFarland Funeral Companies is obligated to follow the guidelines outlined in the "Funeral Rule". Failure to comply with this rule could result in complaints being filed against the funeral home by the Federal Trade Commission.

The "Funeral Rule" was established in 1984 to ensure that all funeral homes, including McFarland Funeral Companies, provide customers with clear and accurate information about the products and services they offer. This includes providing price details over the phone upon request.

As part of the "Funeral Rule," McFarland Funeral Companies is required to offer a General Price List (GPL) to anyone who asks for it. This list includes various expenses related to funeral services, such as transportation to the cemetery in or around Ouachita County, as well as costs for viewing or visitation services.

Anyone who visits McFarland Funeral Companies at 1223 Broadway Street in Monroe, LA and asks about funeral arrangements is entitled to receive a free copy of the general price list. This applies to all individuals, regardless of whether they intend to purchase funeral services or not.

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