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Recent Obituaries posted by Doughty Funeral Home

Chip Nordstrom Obituary from Doughty Funeral Home
Chip Nordstrom

Clyde William Chip Nordstrom passed away peacefully Feb. 3 2024 at Norfolk General Hospital where he was born 64 years ago. He was the eldest son of C...

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Wanda Turner Obituary from Doughty Funeral Home
Wanda Turner

Mrs. Wanda Bush Turne 84 of Wachapreague VA passed away at her residence on Tuesday February 6 2024. Born Thursday April 20 1939 in Wilmington DE she ...

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David Duer Obituary from Doughty Funeral Home
David Duer

David Carter Duer age 66 died January 30 2024. David was the son of Houston Carter and Sue Dunton Duer and resided in Exmore. He was predeceased by hi...

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Bradley Doughty Obituary from Doughty Funeral Home
Bradley Doughty

Tankard Bradley Doughty79 husband of Gloria Jones Doughty and a resident of Exmore VA passed away Tuesday February 5 2024 surrounded by his family at ...

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Jayare Nickerson Obituary from Doughty Funeral Home
Jayare Nickerson

Jayare was born to Claude and Rose Nickerson on January 20 1961 in Ohio. He was preceded in death by his parents and sisters Virginia Ann Cook and Mar...

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Susan Smith Obituary from Doughty Funeral Home
Susan Smith

She was born September 41945 in BeaumontTexas. The daughter of William Albert Meekins and Lydia Patureau Meekins. She is survived by her husband Ronal...

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Bonnie Marshall Obituary from Doughty Funeral Home
Bonnie Marshall

She was predeceased by her father Lynwood Lecato Drummond Jr. mother Katie Lynn Parks Drummond a sister Vicki Lynn Drummond Wise and a brother Lynwood...

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Lois Rank Obituary from Doughty Funeral Home
Lois Rank

Lois Jean Patterson Rank 85 wife of the late James William Rank and a resident of Willis Wharf VA passed away Tuesday January 23 2024 at Nassawadox Re...

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Samantha Lewis Obituary from Doughty Funeral Home
Samantha Lewis

Samantha is survived by her parents Grandmother Carolyn Jean Shanley Sister Audrey Lewis Fickel Jamie Sister Alexandrea Lewis Vatis Timmy Sister Britt...

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Emma Tatum Obituary from Doughty Funeral Home
Emma Tatum

Emma Lena Chandler Tatum 95 wife of William R. Tatum and a resident of Keller VA passed away Saturday January 13 2024 at Shore Health and Rehabilitati...

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Carolyn Lewis Obituary from Doughty Funeral Home
Carolyn Lewis

Carolyn Elizabeth Lewis 81 wife of the late Elton William Lewis and a resident of Cape Charles VA passed away Saturday January 13 2024 at Sentara Leig...

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Phyllis Walker Obituary from Doughty Funeral Home
Phyllis Walker

Phyllis Reid Walker 95 passed away on January 11 2024 at Commonwealth Senior Living at the Eastern Shore in Onancock Virginia. She was born on October...

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Understanding Funeral Prices at Doughty Funeral Home
Your Consumer Rights and Available Information

Arranging a funeral can be both emotionally challenging and financially burdensome. Many people have little knowledge about the funeral industry, and in such difficult times, they may be vulnerable to being deceived or taken advantage of.

To protect consumers, Doughty Funeral Home is obligated to follow the guidelines outlined in the "Funeral Rule". Failure to comply with this rule could result in complaints being filed against the funeral home by the Federal Trade Commission.

The "Funeral Rule" was established in 1984 to ensure that all funeral homes, including Doughty Funeral Home, provide customers with clear and accurate information about the products and services they offer. This includes providing price details over the phone upon request.

As part of the "Funeral Rule," Doughty Funeral Home is required to offer a General Price List (GPL) to anyone who asks for it. This list includes various expenses related to funeral services, such as transportation to the cemetery in or around Northampton County, as well as costs for viewing or visitation services.

Anyone who visits Doughty Funeral Home at 119 Pine Street in Exmore, VA and asks about funeral arrangements is entitled to receive a free copy of the general price list. This applies to all individuals, regardless of whether they intend to purchase funeral services or not.

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