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Recent Obituaries posted by Dash's Funeral Home

Margaret Simmons Obituary from Dash's Funeral Home
Margaret Simmons

Mrs. Margaret Jennings Simmons of Norway South Carolina was born on February 2 1952 to the late Frank and Lena Legree Jennings. She was called to rest...

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Willie A Priester Obituary from Dash's Funeral Home
Willie A Priester

Willie Alphonso Priester was born on June 24 1929 in Plant City Florida to Alice Davis and Howard Priester. He was raised by his paternal grandmother ...

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Lucille M Corley Obituary from Dash's Funeral Home
Lucille M Corley

Ms. Lucille M. Corley the daughter of the late Lillie Corley and the late Thomas Hill was born November 27 1951 in Barnwell County South Carolina. She...

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Tanajah Iquanna Sapp Obituary from Dash's Funeral Home
Tanajah Iquanna Sapp

Ms. Tanajah Sapp was born December 13 2002 in Orangeburg South Carolina to the late Nicholas Sapp Sr. and Tomeka Washington of Denmark South Carolina....

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Kenneth Wilson Elliott Obituary from Dash's Funeral Home
Kenneth Wilson Elliott

Sargent Kenneth Wilson Elliott a proud veteran of the United States Army began his earthly journey on December 11 1959 in Baltimore Maryland and retur...

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Albert Leon Felder Obituary from Dash's Funeral Home
Albert Leon Felder

Albert Leon Felder affectionately known as Catfish was born October 26 1948 in Barnwell County to the late Lillie Mae Bailey and Wilbur Minus. He depa...

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Read Albert Leon Felder's Obituary

Sr. Linell Brooker Obituary from Dash's Funeral Home
Sr. Linell Brooker

Mr. Linell Brooker Sr. age 60 was born November 10 1963 in Blackville SC. He was the son of the late James Leronce Brooker Sr. and the late Lizzie Mae...

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Lee Verne Riley Obituary from Dash's Funeral Home
Lee Verne Riley

Lee Verne Riley departed this life on Friday February 9th 2024. He was the son of the late Emmanuel and Edith Riley and was born on December 2 1950. L...

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Frank Broughton Obituary from Dash's Funeral Home
Frank Broughton

Mr. Frank Allen Broughton son of the late Mr. Luther Elvin and Mrs. Emma Lee Broughton was born on December 23 1962 in Bamberg South Carolina. On Sund...

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Jonathan Raysor Obituary from Dash's Funeral Home
Jonathan Raysor

On February 16 2024 Jonathan Raysor entered eternal rest at Aiken Regional Medical Hospital in Aiken SC. Jonathan Raysor was born June 2 1962 in Barnw...

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Elizabeth Moody Obituary from Dash's Funeral Home
Elizabeth Moody

Elizabeth Moody affectionately known as Ring Ning or Mama Moody was the fifth and youngest child born on September 9 1940 to Daisy Fickling Moody and ...

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Read Elizabeth Moody's Obituary

Sylesta M Smith Obituary from Dash's Funeral Home
Sylesta M Smith

Sylesta Mae Jones Smith was born to the late Willie Lou Stokes on April 7 1953 in Bamberg South Carolina. She was raised in the home of her loving gra...

Read Sylesta M Smith's complete obituary here:
Read Sylesta M Smith's Obituary

Understanding Funeral Prices at Dash's Funeral Home
Your Consumer Rights and Available Information

Arranging a funeral can be both emotionally challenging and financially burdensome. Many people have little knowledge about the funeral industry, and in such difficult times, they may be vulnerable to being deceived or taken advantage of.

To protect consumers, Dash's Funeral Home is obligated to follow the guidelines outlined in the "Funeral Rule". Failure to comply with this rule could result in complaints being filed against the funeral home by the Federal Trade Commission.

The "Funeral Rule" was established in 1984 to ensure that all funeral homes, including Dash's Funeral Home, provide customers with clear and accurate information about the products and services they offer. This includes providing price details over the phone upon request.

As part of the "Funeral Rule," Dash's Funeral Home is required to offer a General Price List (GPL) to anyone who asks for it. This list includes various expenses related to funeral services, such as transportation to the cemetery in or around Bamberg County, as well as costs for viewing or visitation services.

Anyone who visits Dash's Funeral Home at 12409 Heritage Highway in Bamberg, SC and asks about funeral arrangements is entitled to receive a free copy of the general price list. This applies to all individuals, regardless of whether they intend to purchase funeral services or not.

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