Bonnie Hendrie

Bonnie Lucille Hendrie

July 16, 1927 ~ May 10, 2022 | 94

Bonnie Hendrie

Bonnie was born to Harvey and Frances Bennett of El Toro, California in 1927. She passed away from complications of a stroke on May 10, 2022 at her home of 73 years. Bonnie is survived by a brother, Harvey Bennett of Albugquerque, NM, Son, Edward Starkey, of Post Falls, ID, son, Craig Starkey of Portland, OR, daughter, Lori Anderson of Victor, MT as well as four grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. Bonnie’s husband, Walter Hendrie, predeceased her on 1999. Bonnie enjoyed playing golf well into her 80s and was an active member of her ladies golf organization. She also enjoyed her weekly afternoon social bridge play with friends. She and Walter would frequently travel to visit with family and friends. There were times when international travel was enjoyed. Although Bonnie was a hands-on business woman, her first priority was to her family. Her family had her for 94 years and now she and Walter are teeing off together again.


Pacific View Memorial Park

67 Days until next birthday (7/16/2022 or 16/7/2022)
298 Days since previous birthday (7/16/2021 or 16/7/2021)
130 Day of the year passed on
235 Remaining days in the year
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94 Years lived
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